JASFY is a successful IT & ITES offshore knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) service provider with an impeccable track record of delivering services to its clients across the globe. Jasfy's outsourcing services help the client to focus on their primary business which would result in an increased revenue, market share and competitive edge.

Headquartered in Chennai, JASFY Technology Solutions (P) LTD, comprises a skilled team of knowledgeable and delivery oriented analysts who are MBAs, CPAs, copy writers, doctors, lawyers, software programmers, accountants, graphic designers, amongst other professionals.Jasfy leverages this expertise and talent to provide holistic and innovative solutions to our clients all over the globe. Our talented remote virtual assistant analysts cover a range of industries, which includes Advertising, Healthcare, Insurance, Public Relations, Retail, IT, Banking, Software, Real Estate, Consulting etc

Jasfy provides web programming, search engine optimizing, research, consulting, and executive assistance support to our clients from diversified industry segments. Primarily, our focus is to provide subsidiary research infrastructure and services which helps our clients with an in-depth understanding of the business and market environment they are focused in. This provides them with a unique varied opportunity to understand the future and present business opportunities from a superior pedestal in comparison to their competitors. Our motto is always to help keep our clients a step ahead of the rest.

Our client list includes companies across a range of industries including advertising, public relations, retail, real estate, healthcare, software services, communication, financial services, media, auto component manufacturers, gaming companies, IT, online education and enterprise solutions customers.With our diversified experience in servicing companies’ world over, Jasfy is poised uniquely in this domain to develop as a highly skilled and beneficial long-term partner in the knowledge process outsourcing support sector.

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KPO Services

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